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Don't jump into a new exercise program too quickly; always progress slowly and let your muscles, joints and bones adapt to the new stresses.

It takes longer for foot injuries to heal because we never stop using our feet!

Make time for stretching in your exercise routine. A dynamic stretch before, like trunk twists or gently bouncing on your toes before activities and static stretches holding the muscles on stretch for 20 seconds, is a good plan. The stretching prepares your body for activity and helps you maintain proper range of motion.


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Ridgefield Physical Therapy is proud to be an active member of the community, participating in, supporting and sponsoring a number of local events that promote both health and well being.

List of participation and sponsorships:

  • TriRidgefield Triathlon
  • Pamby Half Marathon
  • Run Like a Mother, Mother’s Day Run
  • Father’s Day 5K Run
  • Ridgefield Little League Girls Softball (team)
  • RHS Tiger Touchdown Football Club
  • First Congregational Church Home Trip
  • Thomas Fehmel Memorial Scholarship fund
  • RHS Homerun Booster Club
  • Ridgefield Youth Football
  • Ridgefield Chorale
  • Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra
  • Ridgefield Community Center Festival of Trees
  • Founder’s Hall Wreath Festival
  • Wilton Wahoos Swim club
  • Ridgefield Aquatic Club