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To help prevent aggravating symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome while on the computer, be sure shoulders rest comfortably at your side, elbows are bent to 90 degrees keeping forearms parallel to the floor and wrists are in a neutral or straight position.

Hydrate before during and after warm weather exercise. When running drink 10 to 15 oz. of water 15 minutes prior to running, and every 15 minutes during your run.

It takes longer for foot injuries to heal because we never stop using our feet!


Healthy Running Clinic Tackles Injury Prevention

Tue, Apr 30th, 2013

Healthy Running Clinic Tackles Injury Prevention


Run Like a Mother (RLAM), the Mother’s Day race founded by Ridgefielder Megan Searfoss, is the culmination of a series of events geared toward running safely and the overall health and wellness of women.  Running, as a means to being active, staying healthy and gaining the friendships of like minded runners, is at the core of Run Like a Mother, which empowers women of all ages to stay motivated and be fit.


An important element of the program is training and education, and to this end, Ridgefield Physical Therapy hosted an interactive runner’s health fair at their office on Grove Street on April 6th.  The “Healthy Running Clinic” featured a drop-in format with some of the area’s top medical professionals.


Owner and Doctor of Physical Therapy Chuck Giordano, who works with community members throughout the year to foster safe athletic practices, was delighted to host the event. “Our partnership with Run Like a Mother is a win-win for everyone, as existing patients seek safe and manageable methods to return to normal activity and local athletes seek to take smart and proactive measures to ensure they run without injury,” said Dr. Giordano.


Dr. Giordano manned one of the key stations at the clinic for strength and balance assessments.  “Running is a single leg stance sport,” Dr. Giordano commented, “whereby the body depends on balance and muscle strength to perform properly.  Many potential injuries can be prevented by a consistent training program geared toward good strength and balance.”


About Ridgefield Physical Therapy

For more than 10 years, Ridgefield Physical Therapy has been providing Ridgefield and its surrounding communities with the highest level of rehabilitative care with the goals of preventing, diagnosing and treating movement dysfunctions, and promoting physical health and improved daily function.  Services include physical therapy, hand therapy, orthopedic care, post-surgical, prescription and non-prescriptive care, sports specific training and massage therapy. Ridgefield Physical Therapy is located at 66 Grove Street, Suite A, in Ridgefield, CT.  For more information or to make an appointment, call 203.438.1898 or visit their website at

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