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Change your running shoes every 300 miles.

Make time for stretching in your exercise routine. A dynamic stretch before, like trunk twists or gently bouncing on your toes before activities and static stretches holding the muscles on stretch for 20 seconds, is a good plan. The stretching prepares your body for activity and helps you maintain proper range of motion.

When sitting use a firm chair with a straight back, maintain an adequate lordosis (using a lumbar roll will help support your low back).


Look for Ridgefield Physical Therapy at the following events in 2017: Ridgefield Aquatic Club Swim-A-Thon (February 24), Run Like a Mother (May 14), Thirsty Thursday (TBD), TriRidgefield 2017 (June 4), Pamby Half Marathon (October 3)

Tue, Feb 16th, 2016
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