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Knees can see forces from 2 up to 5 times your body weight with physical activity. By losing 10 pounds you can take 30 pounds of force off your knees.

Change your running shoes every 300 miles.

If you experience numbness and tingling into the pinky and ring fingers, avoid a lot of elbow bending and leaning on the elbow to protect your ulnar nerve.


Owner of Ridgefield Physical Therapy Earns Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree

Thu, May 22nd, 2014


Chuck Giordano, owner and director of Ridgefield Physical Therapy recently earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Northeastern University. The degree represents the highest level of education the profession has to offer and is the current standard for all newly graduating physical therapists. The program at Northeastern involves courses in differential diagnosis and medical screening, diagnostic imaging, motor learning, nutrition and pharmacology and culminates with a capstone thesis.

“I wanted to remain current with the knowledge expected of newly graduating physical therapists. The expectations for physical therapists have risen over the years since I first graduated. The profession has sought to gain more autonomy and the education therapists receive has evolved as a result. Under the current healthcare system, physical therapists have the opportunity to be the entry point into the healthcare system for patients seeking musculoskeletal care. Therefore, physical therapists have a greater responsibility to be accurate diagnosticians, recognize pathology and make referrals to the appropriate physician or other healthcare providers as necessary. The doctorate level education helps prepare physical therapist to meet this challenge.  In addition to being motivated by improving professionally, I wanted to set a good example for my three daughters. Their mother and I consistently stress to the girls the need for them to focus on getting a good education. I hoped to send a message to them that one should strive to enhance their current level of education and that it is never too late to accomplish that goal”.

Ridgefield Physical Therapy employs three Doctors of Physical therapy.  The staff holds specialty certifications in orthopedics, sports medicine, hand therapy, lymphedema, and mechanical therapy and diagnosis. For information regarding an appointment visit

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