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To help prevent aggravating symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome while on the computer, be sure shoulders rest comfortably at your side, elbows are bent to 90 degrees keeping forearms parallel to the floor and wrists are in a neutral or straight position.

When bending down, keep your feet shoulders width apart, bend from your hips and do not round your spine. This avoids back strain.

Hydrate before during and after warm weather exercise. When running drink 10 to 15 oz. of water 15 minutes prior to running, and every 15 minutes during your run.


Ridgefield PT to Offer Running Evaluation

Tue, Mar 20th, 2012

Ridgefield Physical Therapy is proud to announce a new offering designed to aid serious runners in injury prevention, event preparation and proper form.  The Ridgefield PT Running Evaluation is an hour-long customized running assessment, designed to help serious runners and beginners alike.

The Running Evaluation was developed by Physical Therapist Kate Campbell, herself a road runner and past participant in the Ridgefield Triathlon.  The program consists of video analysis of the athlete's running form, biomechanical analysis of the feet, flexibility screening, and measurements fo functional strength.  Collected data is combined with a comprehensive history (including running goals, training and injuries) determine the athlete's running pattern and develop a strength and flexibility program.

"I caught the running bug a few years ago, so no one knows more than me how rewarding, and frustrating, running can be" said Campbell.  "I designed ths program so that runners of all skill levels can benefit from professional analysis, correcting form flaws and preventing injuries."

More than 75 million Americans participate in running for pleasure or exercise annually, and the sport is continually among the leading causes of sports-related injuries.  "During a 10-mile run, a person's foot makes 15,000 strikes, each at 3-4 times the runner's body weight.  Proper form is imperative in preventing repetitive stress injuries" said Campbell.

"We are proud to offer this Running Evaluation to Ridgefield's runners" said Chuck Giordano, owner of Ridgefield Physical Therapy.  "My staff and I are annual participants in the TriRidgefield Triathlon, and we take great pride helping our fellow athletes stay happy and healthy."

Running Evaluations are available by appointment only.  Call Ridgefield Physical Therapy at (203)438-1898 for availability.  No physician prescription is required.

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