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When bending down, keep your feet shoulders width apart, bend from your hips and do not round your spine. This avoids back strain.

To help prevent aggravating symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome while on the computer, be sure shoulders rest comfortably at your side, elbows are bent to 90 degrees keeping forearms parallel to the floor and wrists are in a neutral or straight position.

Knees can see forces from 2 up to 5 times your body weight with physical activity. By losing 10 pounds you can take 30 pounds of force off your knees.


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Sun, May 9th, 2010
Run Like A Mother
Ridgefield Physical Therapy is proud to sponsor the RLAM 5K Race and 1 mile Kids Race through downtown Ridgefield, Connecticut on Mother’s Day. >>

Sun, Jan 10th, 2010
Post-Holiday Stress Tips
The holidays may be over, but the physical results can linger. >>

Tue, Feb 16th, 2016
Look for Ridgefield Physical Therapy at the following events in 2017: Ridgefield Aquatic Club Swim-A-Thon (February 24), Run Like a Mother (May 14), Thirsty Thursday (TBD), TriRidgefield 2017 (June 4), Pamby Half Marathon (October 3)

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